The aztec empire

The Aztec Empire was a great empire until it was conquered by people from foreign lands. I believe that the main reason that Aztecs were conquered so easily was because they filled their own heads with fear. Fear ran throughout the minds of all the Aztecs which led to their downfall. The Aztecs had great fear of the new people that had traveled to their land all the way from Spain. The Aztecs believed Cortez himself was a god coming back to claim their land. There greatest fear was that Cortez would take Montezuma's ruling power away.
The Aztecs were simple people who built empire throughout the lands of Mexico. The Aztecs were people of dark skin. They were laborers, they liked to work hard and produce lots and lots of agricultural food, who were very much so self dependent. They planted their own crops and produced food for the whole village. The Aztecs were greatly devoted to their gods. They had a certain god to praise for everything. They prayed and made sacrifices every year to the god of the crops so that they could have enough crops to feed the people. They would pray to the rain god whenever they needed rain to fall. The empire of the Aztecs spread all throughout Mexico. They were the dominant group covering almost all of Mexico. The Aztecs would make sacrifices to their gods for things like good crops, safety of the village, rain, a well hunt etc. The Aztecs were such simple people and that is what led them to be conquered so quickly and easily.
The Aztecs got word that new people had arrived to their land. The people were like no other kind of people that they had ever seen before. The new people that had come to their land were so different that it began to spread fearful thoughts throughout the little villages of the Aztecs. The new people were Cortez and his men who had come from Spain in order to find treasures and other goods to send back to his king back home. The Aztecs described this ne


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