The Armenian; A forgotten people

In the world one lives in today, it occurs quite often to converse with people of all ages who do not know of Armenia and her proud people. Rarely does one know of the country, none the less of her mysterious and complex past. Armenia is one of the most difficult civilizations to describe and trace, because of the lack of archaeological proof and hence the many different opinions of historians, archaeologists and so forth. Even with a blurry past, the Armenian people have survived over the last three thousand years (approximately 1500 BC to present day). The Armenian people have survived through so much over these last centuries that one may wonder how they have made it alive today. Armenians have been under the power of so many empires (Urartians, Persians, Arabs, Romans, Parthians and so forth), and have survived through a genocide as a result of living in a place surrounded by neighboring countries opposing to such things as their values, religion and ways of life. The Armenian people have persisted throughout these times because of their keen sense of survival, the love for their religion and their pride and unity as Armenians.
Armenians have a very blurry and uncertain past. As mentioned above, with the lack of historical, geographical and archaeological proof, it is very demanding to accurately trace Armenia’s history. Though history dates the beginning of Armenians back to around 1165 BCE, Armenians have legends, who to them helped forge their beginnings, at a much earlier date. For example such pioneers would be Haig (Hayg), Armenag and Harma (2350-1700 BC). Unfortunately, since they are only legends, it befalls quite normally that historians will not take into consideration these forefathers of Armenia. It is one aspect of Armenian history which will have to continue living on with her people.
Armenians probably originated from Europe. Although there are many opinions on how Armenians migrated from Europe to Armenia, th…


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