Texas is the second largest state after Alaska. Thefirst man who ever explored it was a man named Pineda. When he arrived there the only humans there were the Native Indians. He conquered it for Spain. Then later on the Mexicans came along and conquered it. Then after that the white men came and decided that they wanted Texas so they fought the Mexicans for the land and won it. So if you live in Texas I am pretty sure you'll see a very large amount of Spanish and Mexicans. The reason that they live here is because they still think that it is there land. So how about we talk about the population of Texas. Say you came to Texas one day and you thought that it was all white cowboys saying howdy. Well I bet you thought wrong because Texas has a very large variety of different people like, Arabs who speak Arabic and English, Mexicans who speak Spanish and English, Chinese who speak Chinese and English, Africans who speak Swahili and English, etcetera. So I hope that now you know that Texas isn't all white and cowboys, its every thing. Well I got to go for now but we will talk again, I hope. Bye. Oh wait I forgot to tell you about the four regions of Texas, they are the, great plains, central plains, gulf costal plains which is the biggest, and mountains and basins. The mountains and basins have one sub region. The Great Plains has five, the gulf costal has three or four, and the central plains have four.


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