Tet Offensive

The Tet Offensive, which occurred on January 31, 1968, proved to be a political
and a psychological victory for the Vietnamese communists.And, although it only lasted
for about one month, it was one of America's most notable battles that taught the
Americans and the Vietnamese valuable lessons about life and war.The background of
the Tet-Offensive is very interesting, one hidden within the conflict of the Vietnam War.
While the offensive was being planned, there were anti-war demonstrations taking place in
the U.S. against the Vietnam War.Lyndon B. Johnson, in a close election, won the
primary over McCarthy who happened to be against the war, and then went on to running
In Vietnam, General Vo Nguyen Giap of North Vietnam told his political members
that the opportunity for a general offensive or uprising was within reach.The offensive
began in August of 1967, when following Hanoi's decision to proceed with Giap's
"uprising," Giap began a massive buildup of troops, equipment, and supplies in South
Vietnam.First, thousands of guns and munitions were bought southward along the Ho
Chi Minh Trail.The Ho Chi Minh Trail was the vital Vietcong (also known as the South
Vietnamese) supply line that twisted through the jungles of North Vietnam in a southward
direction ("Vietnam").This trail also served as a transportation route for food and
medical supplies being brought to the south part of Vietnam.Tens of thousands of troops
poured down from the North, infiltrated the countryside, and wearing civilian clothes,
easily blended with the local people.By mid-January, 1968, about 84,000 of the North
Vietnamese Army (NVA), and the Vietcong troops were in South Vietnam ("Massacre").
And, two weeks before the actual attack would even take place, Giap's troops were
positioned and ready for an attack (Coteau 2).
The U.S. began to have susp…


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