Test of the Declaration of Independence

The Tests of the Declaration of Independence
The Declaration of Independence of July 4, 1776, one of Americas shining jewel.Created by the philoshophy of great minds, such as John Locke, and Jean Jacques Rousseau.How did it all play out in Americas' history?The test of time had shown the Declaration it's full potential.Events such as the Civil War, and Reconstruction had tested the documents will.These events though had a huge affect on the Declaration of Independence. Harsh events though had only made the country stronger though.
Democracy has many forms.Some believed in a pure democracy where the people run the government.Jean Jacque Rousseau had thought of such things.He believed that the people had the power to control themselves and the government.Others however thought that a republic democracy was the way to go. John Locke was such a man, that he believed that the people should choose to whom should be in charge.He however believed that people had a natural right, and that right is the right of freedom life and property.Locke says that all rules and laws must answer to the natural rights.
From the Declaration of Independence spawned the Constitution. The Constitution had givin people the natural rights that Mr. Locke had spoken of.The Constitution had touched on many topics about the troubles that the British rule had on.It gave people power and rights that they could have only dreamed of having.The freedom of speech, the right of a fair trial, such rights were unheard of at that time.These were the natural rights that people had, and that people should live on.
However the test of how well the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution would work came in the form of a Civil War.The events that lead up to it contridicted the both of the documents.Such as the slave trade, treating the slaves so poorly, as if they were property instead of actual people.Though not ev


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