The United States role in the world is to protect U.S global Interest. We live in a dangerously unstable world. By choosing to protect U.S interests as our overall foreign policy will mean that, we must strive for order So that it lets the world know that know that we should focus on keeping our Interests on helping the U.S. There so much going in the world now but we have no choice but to accept the world as it is, and to respond selectively with what ever actions are necessary to keep our country safe.
One argument for this policy is that we can't carry the responsibilities of the world because we can't do that and still be able to control and handle our own problem at home. Knowing that the world is dangerously place, and anything can occur not knowing it, like when September 11 happened many lives were lost, and affected, and many people were counting, and turning aid to America sense people think of America being powerful and all. Then again how can America turn to other countries and its people, when they have interests that need to be protected. Looking back on terrorism, the attacks on the world trade center and the pentagon brought a whole new message to Americans. Sense our homeland was attacked. Protect U.S global Interests terrorism policy shows that how we need to take a leadership role to gather many nations with the purpose of finding and destroying terrorism. That kind of policy is the policy that we need to use to eliminate terrorism.
Another Argument for this policy is that we elect a president to protect the U.S not another world. So therefore we have to support decisions that he makes.You might criticism on what if those decisions that he makes aren't good enough for the world. There are times; where we cannot always agree with what our president says, however we have to compromise in a way where everyone is happy.If the people are not liking or agreeing with the actions our president is taki…


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