Technology changes of 1990s alters the way Canadians lived

If there were no technology what would happen to the world? Inventions such as traffic lights, microwaves and the television would not exist. Also we would not have transportation or medicine. We would not know anything about our atmosphere and outer space. Technology changes during 1980s and 1990s alter the way the Canadians lived. Technology changed dramatically, especially in the science, medical and also the computer field. Many modernized technology inventions were not only used to improve living. The major change was in the medical area. If it was not for the finding and creations of medicine most of our illnesses would have killed us. In order to create or examine the diseases and sicknesses scientist need the appropriate toos, which technology have provided. All of these key factors improved Canada in various ways.
In the 1980s and 1990s the invention of computer was made in 1982, a well known poular invention. The Commodore 64 is one of thefirst computers made. “It had no hard drive, and was very slow with a 4 MHZ processor” (Sicle, Bob Van) nevertheless it showed that desktop computers in home were practical. It was used for education and learning purpose other than personal ones. The Commodore was thefirst personal computer used by a generation of people who learned how to use word process, kept a family budget and send high-speed invitations. To the Commodore the compact “CD was introduced in 1984” (Bain, pg. 354). “This soon replaced the vinyl record” (Bain, pg 354) for entertainment and gradually became used more then the floppy disks. “The compact CD can also hol more data” (Bain, 354) such as programs for computers and also videos, movies and music. The big element that made the computer popular was the Internet, which was founded in 1993. “The Internet was mostly used to communicate” (Bain, 358)instantly with one anotherbut also the “Internet was used for finding information” (Bain, 400. Many people also carrie…


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