Technology Advances and Effect

Technology Advances and Effects in WW1 & WW2
As we advance in our everyday life technology the government advances in its warfare technology also. Warfare tactics changed and advanced vastly during the world wars. The damage and the effect of weapons increased as the technology increased causing these two wars to very high death counts and leave my wounded for life.
In World War 1 the atomic bomb was introduced as the new form of warfare weaponry. The atomic bomb could produce heat millions of degrees high, and visible ultraviolet and inferred rays. Everyone and everything exposed to their blast is affected. When the bomb was dropped only one mile away from ground zero, the blast cracked walls over twelve inches thick. The shockwave after the bomb was felt over a mile away. Heat incinerated everything within a 500-yard radius of the hypocenter.
One of these bombs was dropped on a city in Japan called Hiroshima. The immediate effects on Hiroshima people were just a foreshadowing of the ones to come. 150,000 people were killed instantly. Those who survived the initial blast, died later from high doses of radiation, which burns off skin and hair and destroys almost all internal organs. After the
blast, those who survived it had no clothes, hair, or skin because they had
been totally burned off. In many cases, the injuries from buildings
collapsing were as bad as those from the actual radiation blast. Years after the blast, children whose parents had been exposed to the radiation, had an extremely high rate of mental retardation leukemia and non-Hodgkin lymphoma.
In World War 2 new techniques, weapons, and forms of transportation were introduced helping this war to have even more causalities then the First World War. The atom bomb was a big part of World War 2 this is because now people could be killed from a bomb sent from a long distance away. This bomb also covered a large area killing more people and leave people f…


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