Technological Influence on War

“Armies that could reach further, hit harder, and get there faster usually won, while the range-restricted, less well-armed, and slower armies lost. For this reason, a vast amount of human creative effort has been poured into extending the range, increasing the fire power, and accelerating the speed of weapons and of armies.”
As nations and empires strive to further their power in the world, they are often confronted by opposition.When competing powers desire the same territory or when one attempts to gain control of an occupied land, conflict is rarely avoided.In instances where predicaments cannot be solved without force, the side with the greater military power is typically victorious.Hence, when a nation or any other entity acts in ways to expand their control, militaristic power is pushed to its limits.The military of a nation is constantly changing.As new technology is developed, it in turn is incorporated into the military.From the advances from sticks and stones to automatic weapons and even to nuclear bombs, warfare is perpetually adapting to changes in technology.In the Early Modern period of Europe, warfare changed drastically.Technological advances in artillery and armory spurred the need for new forms of fortification.With the introduction of a more mobile cannon and other weaponry defenses of cites and armies were forced to change, forever changing the tactics used in warfare.
The development of gunpowder occurred in china around 950 A.D..2However, there is no evidence that the combination of purified sulfur, powdered charcoal, and crystalline saltpetre was used by the Chinese in war.Shortly after gunpowder's creation, this innovation soon made its way to the nations in Europe. Efforts were made to utilize gunpowder in European warfare as soon as its explosive power was recognized.But not until 1326 was it understood that when a projectile object and gunpowder were confined inside a tub…


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