teaching thinking

Thinking is a daily process that always accompanies the human being. Like walking, thinking is a natural action we perform permanently. Because it is a vital process that every body needs, thinking became the subject of discussion for ages. Since the Greek philosophers until today no unanimous agreement was made about how we think and how the human brain works. Yet, unlike today, thinking attracted a minor concern at that time as communities used to enjoyed more stability where problem solving as well as decision-making used to depend on religious beliefs and moral ideals.
Today communities do not enjoy that kind of stability due to changes which have occurred as a result of technology and social aspirations which have accelerated those changes. In the modern complicated structured communities where habits and traditions are insufficient, there was a need for new methods of thinking.
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“Information explosion” was one of the major changes in the modern life. The bulk of information derived from different know-how sources increased and went out of control leaving just a slight part of knowledge to Man. Hence, efforts were dedicated to defend thinking as being a very vital tool of Knowledge.
Nowadays, the educational process is no more limited to providing students with different fields of knowledge and common facts. That process went far to develop their thinking capabilities and to enable them to tackle the increasing number of information, which intensively flow day after day.
-Byer, K. B. : practical stratigies for the teaching of thinking, United states, 1987 Pp. 1-9
There is much more individuality in thinking styles and sufficient differences between individuals to suggest that thinking may be a skill about which something can be done….


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