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During the colonization of the new world England was strongly against allowing colonies to engage in manufacturing their own goods and products as a form of econmic stability america.From the English point of view and mindset, I would completely agree how they ran the government and their colonies.They wanted to maintain the dependency that the group of people whom left England had on the motherland.Any country would do the same because of the great losses you would recieve in economnics if a large portion of working people left and formed their own independant group.
The colonies manufacturing their own goods would mean that England would be unable to reap tax dues, and benefit from exporting to the new world.So, of course as the English motherland, I would feel they are totally correct.Why would you want to let a large amount of people stray off from your country and cause your economics to come to a downfall.As a large power you want control of everything.It would be intolerable for the new colonies to break off from England.Also, if the colonies manufactured their own goods they would self-harvest the ingredients/items/materials to create the goods.Another loss of money for the British.If colonists created copper pots for an inn, without importing from England, this would mean that the English don’t tax the product, they don’t get money for the copper material, and they get no money for the pots.Although this is a rare prediciment, it is how I could best explain the situation.
I totally agree with what the English were doing and even know because we overcame them to become the great country we are today, the English was doing the right thing.While England wanted the new colonies to prosper, it was not for independance, it was to support the motherland. Some people could probably see the English as being tyrants and terrible people during the times they oppressed the colonies and forced strict laws


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