Tartuffe was by far the best thing we read this semester. I really enjoyed the play. Many things caught my attention, but none was more evident than the way Dorine behaved. I had never read a play in which the lady's maid was so outspoken. I enjoyed her character so much that I will probably do my research paper on her. Interesting enough, Dorine was the total opposite of Mariane. I thought about it, and came to the conclusion that Dorine is more outspoken because she did not have the same status that Mariane did. Dorine probably never knew her dad and had to fight for everything she got. Still, she not only runs the house, but she stands up to Orgon, the master of the house. She is a truly amazing character.
Orgon reminds me of the husband in a Doll's House. Orgon has same of the same gullible qualities that the husband possessed. Nevertheless, in a Doll's House the wife is trying to hide something from her husband, but in Tartuffe the wife is trying to prove something to her husband.
I can definitely see why the church would be upset with the play. Still, history is full of examples of individuals that take advantage of people through their faith. Something else that caught my attention is the rhyme scheme of the play (A, A B, B). I can't imagine how difficult it was to translate the play with the rhymes from French. I wonder how much of the original meaning we lost in the translation.


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