All literature uses some kinds of special ways to make a story or a poem
interesting.The appearance, actions, speech and thoughts of their
characters illustrate most stories.In the stories and poems that I
read: a song in the Front Yard, Girls, Mother and son, A conversation with my father and His story.Each of them expresses their point of view through a female point of view.All of these poems and story had different theme, but in the end there, they were revealed the same feeling. The poem ” A song in the Front Yard” is a simple expression poem which atfirst glance seems to be about a girl is much over protected by her parents that in turn lead her to make a wrongful decision on her future.
The symbolism is the main tool used to discover what the author is trying to say. I like this poem because the symbolism causes a greatdeal of think and analyzing to understand it. In thefirst stanza ” Iwant to peek at the back.Where it’s rough and untended and hungry weedgrows” This may mean that she is, for once, wanted to see how the outside world really likes. Eventhough, it is not safe and wonderful as the world that she is living in now. ” A girl gets sick of a rose” means she is tired of how her parents babying her. She just wants to have alittle more space, perhaps a little more freedom.
In the third stanza, the author talks about the beautiful and exciting image of the outside world that she is painted through her imagination. “My mother sneers, but I say it’s fine. How they don’t have to go in at quarter of mine.”This may mean she is feeling tire of the way her mom treated hers. She also feels depress and loneliness about her room, her house and her mom. Finally, in the end, she decides that reverse of whatever her mom said is right as the fourth stanza states ” But I say it’s fine. Honest, I do. And I liked to be a bad woman, too” means that author just for once in her life that she could make her own choice, a…


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