Taking Sides: Causes of the Civil War

Taking Sides: Slavery as a Cause of the Civil War
The cause of the Civil War has long been debated.Many historians believe the cause to be psychological, economic, political or social.As they argue over these elements, many arguments rise from one sole issue.This core issue is slavery.Slavery emanates as the core influence which leads to the political unrest, the social and psychological turbulence and the economic matters that are the true causes of the Civil War.Although these elements are all very relevant and all had a great deal to do with the beginnings of the Civil War, they all would not have come about in thefirst place, had it not been for the initial disagreement over slavery.The issue of slavery had very much to do with the splitting of the states.First of all, the states split between slave-holders and abolitionists.They also split because of violent occurrences between both sides.And finally, they fought for pride and loyalty to their side.These are not by any means the only causes of the war, but are without a doubt some of the major causes.
The people of the United States began to divide when the two groups began to form strong opinions over the infamous issue of slavery.Many of the Southern citizens were against abolition.Some thought that it was meant to be that way, that the Africans had no other destiny than to serve under the white "original" inhabitants of the land.Some just did not like the change; they either did not want to lose their workers because they were freed, or did not want to lose their jobs to the freed Africans.Many of the people on the other side of the fence believed that slavery was a cruel and shameful part of our country that should be fixed immediately.They believed that no matter what the race or color, all men should be treated equally; and that no man should be owned by another.These two entirely different ends of the spectrum rose against eac…


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