Maeva… or as the friendly locals would say, "welcome".For those of you honeymooners who seek an exotic paradise, there can be nowhere on Earth that compares with the islands of French Polynesia.French Polynesia is a Garden of Eden with a blend of rainforests, waterfalls, colorful flora that mixes magically with soft volcanic beaches and turquoise sea, a spectacular blend of nature.With stunning sunsets, colourful reefs, tranquil lagoons and volcanic beaches fringed with coconut palm trees, Tahiti spells magic and romance. It's as if this secret pocket of the world is one perpetual honeymoon, with its relaxed days, starry nights and soothing ocean waves.
Often called “The Island of Love,” Tahiti is the largest of the 118 islands. Born in a series of volcanic upheavals nearly three million years ago, the island of Tahiti is a range of lushly forested peaks plunging deep into the sea. The island’s interior is astounding; waterfalls cascade over sheer cliffs into rainforests below and rivers cut through dense valleys of giant ferns, wild fruit trees, and shimmering flowers. Most hotels are on the northwest coast of the island on a 6-mile stretch between Punaauia and Papeete. While a visit to the town itself doesn’t constitute a true visit to the island, there are interesting things to do there – – shop at numerous boutiques or the open-air marketplace, visit one of several waterfront cafes and restaurants, or tour the Museum of Tahiti and Her Islands nearby.
I recommend staying at Bora Bora for at least a couple of nights, only 45 minutes flight from Papeete.If this doesn't impress your partner then I don't know what will.Bora Bora lies 240km northwest of Tahiti in the leeward Society Islands.The main island is in the centre of a multi-coloured lagoon inside a protective necklace of coral. Be prepared – thefirst glimpse of Bora Bora is love atfirst sight.Sailors, poets, adventurers, …


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