Sinners in the Hands of An Angry God

Jonathan Edwards gave this sermon on July 8, 1741. It was directed to the audience that he was speaking to. The audience consisted mainly of people that have forgotten all about God, and who were worshipping other gods. His sermon was primarily aimed at persuading them to turn back to God. This made Jonathan Edwards very angry. His sermon was very harsh. One of his major concerns was that people would go to hell. He said that God is enraged at the people because of their sinning, and the people are not doing anything about it. They are not repentant, and they are not trying to pacify God's anger. He also said that God has been holding his anger back, and could let it loose at any time, and wipe them all out. These people could have saved themselves if they had prayed and believed in God. The worst thing about being in hell is that it is an eternal torture. Jonathan told the audience that there were many people in the same state as they are in, but they are now truly enjoying life, and all they did was open back up to God.
These people comprehended the message of this sermon very well. They understood that hell was a terrible place to be for the rest of your life. One big tool Edwards used to help the audience understand their predicament was that he used imagery throughout the sermon. Some of these examples were so vivid and detailed that the audience understood what he was saying.Another way that the audience understood this was because they knew that they were in serious trouble. They wanted to find a way to help themselves get out of the dilemma that they were in, so they probably knew what he was talking aboutsince the tone of his voice was so heated. They did not want to go to hell, and so they thought if they stopped acting so hedonistic, they would be better off..


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