Russian Tsars

The history of Russia began many centuries ago. Russia had many tsars, not all of them were as great as these people that I'm going to talk about. Russian history is amazing, because I was born there and I learned history from six to ninth grade there. You probably know that I already knew almost every little aspect, but now in this essay I can prove it to you. My four main Tsars are Vladimir which is Prince, Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great and Catherine the Great and Michael Romanov. I chose them because every single of them has done amazing thing in making Russian history very memorable.
First, I'm going to talk about Prince Vladimir and his great achievements. Thefirst Russian state was Kiev-Rus.By the 800's Slavic groups had founded many towns in what is now the European part of Russia and Ukraine, of which the two most important once are Novgorod and Kiev. In 970, Vladimir was sent by his father to govern Novgorod. His baptism, in 988 or 989, was followed by his marriage to Anna, sister of the Byzantine Emperor Basil II.was the grand prince of Kiev who converted to Christianity in 988, and proceeded to baptize the whole Kievan Rus. Early Russia was controlled by religion and it starts dominate everything He was the one who brought cristianity from Constantinople (byzantyne empire). Also terms like Caesaropapism which basically means government and church combined.
Second, Ivan the terrible (Ivan grozni) is one of my favorite tsars, because he not just great Tsar-he is the cruel tyrant. All of his family died when he was a little boy when he was little he heard all kinds of screams. In 1547 Ivan was finally crowned Tsar of all Russians.Ivan was a real patriot he tried to unite Russia, but boyars tried to steal and bring country down. After reorganizing the army, Ivan conquered Kazan (1552) and Astrakhan (1556). Mongols were feared by Russians. Ivan was extremely smart he even faked his own dea…


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