russian revolution

Essay Question:
Examine the degree in which there was a period of economic, social and political consolidation following the critical revolutionary period.

During the period of 1921-1928 in Russia, following the critical revolutionary period, there was a large degree of economic, social and political consolidation. There were new policies drawn up, changes in ideologies. These all led to things such as the NEP, the famine, War Communism, Anti-religious views, growth of urbanised areas, education, the use of the secret police and power-playing.

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This examination would start us at a certain occurrence known to all as the ?§Kronstadt Rebellion.? The reason for this rebellion was because of the policies of War Communism. These policies stated that basically:-
„h The state took over all production plants, for example factories, mines and workshops.
„h The state set up food commissariat. This was a group of people who gathered food from towns and rationed in evenly throughout all the villages. This made private trading illegal.
„h The state made work compulsory.
„h State took over banks, tried to abolish money by using goods and services system of payment.
All the Russian people did not accept these policies to start with, but none were brave enough to complain, as the secret police (the Cheka) were out looking for such people who complained. These sailors at this naval base Kronstadt had had enough and demanded changes or they would retaliate against the state. These demands were:-
„h Fair elections immediately
„h Freedom of speech and press
„h Liberation of all political prisoners
„h Food commissariat to be removed

These conditions were bad enough as these rebels were known to be true loyal supports of Lenin, which made Lenin see that if his most loyal are turning against him now, then the others won?t be far away. After putting this rebellion down, killing all invo…


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