Russia Trip

Model United Nations (MUN) is a worldwide activity, held in many different places around the world. It focuses on developing students' debating skills and broadens their knowledge of the political world, as students write and try to pass resolutions concerning real situations taking place in the world today. Last year, twenty-five students were selected to represent Dhahran Academy High School (DAHS) at an MUN conference held in St. Petersburg, Russia. The finest and most elite debaters of the school were chosen. The chaperones that supervised them were Mr. and Mrs. Gertz. Along with them came their adorable son Gabriel.
On the evening of March nineteenth, students bid farewell to their loved ones and departed on a bus going to Dammam airport. They were headed for Amsterdam, Holland where they would have a six-hour layover before boarding their next flight to St. Petersburg. While on the bus six close friends (Jad and Majd Chaaya, Carlos Napauri, Ahmad Majzoub, Damien Loughery and Omar Sallman.) talked about their excitement and eagerness of getting to Russia.
After arriving at the airport, bags were loaded, passports and tickets checked and everyone was on the airplane. The flight was amusing and didn't seem like seven hours. On it was a fat lady with curly orange hair, glasses and an extremely large stomach. This lady had suffered from some sort of narcoleptic illness where she would pass out and awaken randomly. Unfortunately she was seated next to Majd and Ahmad! Two hours after departure, the lady passed out and was unconscious for a long time. During this period of time Majd and Ahmad began taking photographs next to her. They enjoyed taking the pictures, posing like a fisherman next to his catch of the day, while the rest of the boys laughed a great deal
After a long but amusing flight the students arrived at Amsterdam. To pass the hours before the next flight Carlos, Ahmad and Omar went to eat. They went to Sba…


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