Roosevelt is one of our country’s best known and most beloved presidents. He is commonly remembered for taking a tired, beaten, nation and instilling hope in it.Roosevelt had many qualities of a great president that helped him to lead the country as the longest person to be president. Roosevelt had many qualities that made him a great president he acted as the voice of the people.Roosevelt had to protect such a great nation while keeping petty interests behind him.
Roosevelt was the voice of the people, he stride in helping and creating new opportunities for them.When Roosevelt became President of the United States, the nation was in the depths of the worst depression it had ever experienced.With the decreasing of business activity, falling prices, and unemployment, Roosevelt inspired the people with his own confidence and faith in the future of America. Roosevelt successfully provided food, clothing, and shelter for millions of unemployed and poverty-stricken Americans. This was part of what he called the New Deal, of which his three objectives were relief, recovery, and reform for American citizens.The Works Progress Administration was set up to provide a chance for all people to use their skills to earn an income. With the WPA program Roosevelt was able to help a wide variety of people not focusing on one specific group. The National Youth Administration helped high school and college students stay in school by giving them part time work.With the NYA program Roosevelt was able to help secure the future of the American people by keeping there future adults in school.Blacks, angry at continuing racial injustice, threatened to march on Washington in 1941. Fearful of racial disorder, Roosevelt responded by signing an executive order setting up a Fair Employment Practices Committee (FEPC) to prevent discrimination in defense-related employment. Roosevelt was treating America like a unity all areas in America must be


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