Andrew Schnissel2/8/04
Decline of Roman Empire
The Roman Empire declined for nearly three hundred years. Invasions, civil war and plague all contributed to the decline of Rome's economy. A decrease in farming and trade lead to inflation. Thus Rome was financially strained and couldn't provide their military with the number of men that it required to defend itself against Barbarians and other outside attackers. Rome resorted to buying mercenaries to help their military situation however this decision failed Rome horribly. Not only were the mercenaries not loyal to Rome they also added to Rome's debt. Ultimately Rome falls due to lack of a adequate military power.
Diocletian and Constantine both introduced many reforms that tried to stimulate Rome's Economy. No matter what they tried, they were merely prolonging Rome's inevitable fait. Rome's people were strained with taxes and weren't allowed mobility with regards to jobs. Rome was being pressured from a increasing amount of outside invaders and no matter how much they spent on mercenaries it wouldn't be enough. Rome was weakened by a shortage of men and was not able to defend the west from invading peoples. Rome's fall was due to a lack of military strength, which was caused by their lack of money and several questionable factors contributed to this debt. No matter how much
the government increased taxes they simply wouldn't be able to pay for a military that was strong enough to hold off the invaders. Several factors contributed to the fall of Rome,there are many varied theories available, however no single explanation will be
sufficient to explain Rome's fall.


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