Romantic period compared with Tess of the d’Urbervilles

The dawn of the early Romantic period introduced a variety of things new to the world at the time.This newly formed period brought about an assortment of great thinkers as well as intellectual scientists.The old school of thought was now in the past,and the means of a ;perfect; yet repressive society was on its way to becoming a reality.This era of time made people more in touch with their feelings, inner-self, thoughts, and most important, the way they represented themselves in the eyes of others.It seemed that during this romanticism, the members of the high society would take everything quite seriously when dealing with the ideas of the period.The upper class, would flaunt their wealth in the most gaudy, yet modern outfits and would treat the members of the same social class with the utmost respect, however their behavior would vary when consulting the people of the lower classes.Being that the lower class was not as prosperous as the upper class, the higher !
society people were extremely patronizing as well as condescending towards them.But however much the upper class was demeaning towards the lower class the truth still remains and that was that this period instilled love of intellect and insisted on the importance of the value of feeling as well as reason.
The women during the romanticism movement were objects of repression, in that they were thought of only to have a place working in the home and declined the right to work anywhere else.They typical women were to be a moral, respectful human being concerned only with fulfillment of the romanticism idea.Even with men, the theme of restriction was also very much enforced.In the midst of an increase of intelligent thinkers, and writers, etc., male and female writers were quite constrained on what they said as well as what they wrote.The best way to describe such restraint was the book written by Thomas Hardy named, ;Tes


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