Romantic Art Literature Music: French Revolution

Originating as a rebellion against classicism, during the French Revolution, romanticism is the emphasis on individual imagination and expression, then practiced as a respondent to political and social-economic conditions. By the early to mid 1800's, people, namely by means or art, literature, and, music had immersed themselves with the notion (that emotional fulfillment would lead to self-development). Emerging as an artistic, literary, and musical movement, artists, writers, and musicians responded to political and social-economic conditions by promoting individual freedom and conveying human emotions and societies helplessness, through means of incorporating romanticism in their works.
Romantic artists sought to disclose emotions by depicting humans in society, as they are confronted (by nature). Theodore Gericault's Portrait of an Officer of the Chasseurs Coming a Charge and The Raft of Medusa made significant impacts to the public; one relaying the feelings of the Napoleonic era, and the latter bringing actual realization of the world around them. Eugene Delacroix's Liberty Leading the People displayed a great sense of heroism and patriotism within France. Showing Lady Liberty carrying the tri-color emblem, the painting depicted France's recent history of that century, attracting people's hearts, and clearly reflecting the people's ability to make changes in their lives (in government).
Likewise, romantic writers attempted to convey feelings. Poets, namely Coleridge and Wordsworth, abandoned the classics, and advanced on towards simply, emotional responses; rather than analyzing nature, they appreciated it. Other romantics, such as Schiller and Goethe, brought out a different sense of romanticism: heroics. Goethe's Faust further induced emotional passions, which were not felt among man during the Enlightenment. Schiller's definition of freedom, "the unleashing of sense and passion…


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