Romans violence obsession

From the ground up, Rome was built on violence. From the hills in Palatine, to the conquests of the Roman Empire at its height; Rome was violent. The Romans reveled in death. Political leaders pitted their own armies against one another as a lifestyle. Violence was not merely a side show in Roman culture, it was the main attraction.
Romans legends tended to be violent ones, including the legend they used to explain their emerging into the world. Roman historian Livy said that Rome was founded by two brothers. Both of the brothers were raised by a wolf. The brothers built two different cities on the seven hills of Palatine. Romulus, being the paranoid one, built a wall around his city to keep out danger. His brother Remus leaped it in a single bound and proceeded to make fun of Romulus for his pitiful wall. Romulus was angered and killed his brother on the spot. The actual unification of Rome was considerably more peaceful. Rome was actually founded with the tribes on the Italian peninsula uniting in their small huts to create one nation. Nevertheless the mere fact that the Romans believed in such a tale demonstrates their violent persona. A Roman leader named Brutus during his life vowed to rid Rome of kings. Brutus went as far to murder his own kids to ensure that Rome would be able to pride itself on having no kings.
In Rome, the people loved watching violent displays for entertainment. Fifteen armor clad men armed with swords tearing through the ranks of lightly armored slaves was considered a great days show. That was the Roman idea of a great nights show at the coliseum. If someone today tried to institute matches where men fought against starving tigers until only one was left, he/she would be arrested in half a second. People doing the same thing in Rome were made very wealthy and respected. Romans went to the Circus Maximus to see a vicious horse race where many men died There races also frequently became an obsession o


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