Romans and The Etruscans

Before the Etruscan's crossed the Tiber river in 750 BC, Rome was described as a loose group or agricultural villages. It was not long before this loose group of villages, with some help from the Etruscan way, was transformed into the world's most dominant city. Many say the Romans conquering success was all the thanks of the Etruscan's, however, the Romans strongly disagree and give them absolutely no credit. This being for it was not the cultural influences of Etruscany which made them such a huge success, yet their "never say die" attitude which helped them prevail for almost a thousand years.

From the time Etruscany began to expand they were tagged with defeat. As they expanded south from Rome into the Greek city of Cumane they were humiliatingly defeated and never recovered for the next fifty years in the south of Italy. The Etruscans did then move north and rule the northern lands for around a hundred years, however they were again swiftly defeated by wild tribes of Gauls once more adding to their long history of defeat. It can not be argued that the most dominant society and most successful organisation in the world could come from such a long line of degrading and humiliating defeats.

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When the Etruscans crossed the Tiber River and entered Rome they did not have anything but invasion on the agenda. It was not the choice of the Romans for the Etruscans to cross the river therefor no acknowledgment is required as the Romans were never given a chance to develop themselves on their own terms. All Etruscan influences were forced on Rome with or without the consent of the roman community. The Etruscans, in the end did give them a city, yet the city and influences that were delivered did not have any significance as to the rule on the world the romans had for a period of almost a thousand years. Consequently the romans owe the Etruscans a city, yet they owe nothing in regards to the succ…


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