Roman Empire

Gladiator came from the Latin word gladius, which meant ‘sword’.The majority of the gladiators were primarily slaves condemned criminals, prisoners of war, and sometimes Christians.But some freemen also just chose this path mostly in spite of the results of the sport.This would include the gladiator’s profit from his wins, supreme popularity or fame, or the applause from the crowd that was appealing to him.At the developing stages of these event of the “Roman Blood-sport”, woman and dwarfs were allowed into these games when the emperor Domitian in 90 A.D. presented these types of combats.This was banned later.
The gladiating games were given the name “Roman Blood-Sport” because of the outcomes of the fights meaning the battle ended in death.Thefirst games were held in Rome in 264 B.C. at the funeral honoring Marcus and Decimus Brutus’ father where only three pairs of gladiators fought. This is how the gladiating era of sports began or started (during funerals), but later in time, it would grow extremely popular like in 174 B.C. when 37 pairs participated at a 3-day event.Shows such as this were useful in politics.Politicians or candidates running for public or political office would often hold these expositions to compete with one another by trying to put on the greatest and grandest show.An example would be the villain, Commodus, like in the movie Gladiator.He tried to gain power from the people by providing them with entertainment of the sporting games.But one of the biggest (largest of the year) gladiating events ever was rumored to have been held by the Emperor Trajan in 107 A.D. which continued for over 100 days and over 2000 men’s lives (possibly 5000 pairs of gladiators) were at the expense.In these cases, if the emperor had gone too far with the events he was holding, such as using woman in unfair situations or too many gladiators in attendance in a chaotic manner, the Roman Senate had a right to…


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