Role in Society – Position Paper

The bullet point on “Corporate social responsibility” (a
corporation “should be held accountable for any of its actions that
affect people, their communities, and their environment”) is a very
good statement on the ethics a company should follow.Although it
seems every time I read the paper, another company has apparently
failed to live up to its responsibility to its stakeholders,
shareholders, nor to the community in which it exists.And of course
there has been plenty of news about how Enron, and WorldCom, and other
companies that have “cooked” their books to falsely inflate their
stock values, and where key executives have swindled their own
companies out of millions.What this course alerted me to was that
when an executive of a big corporation steals money by presenting
fraudulent earnings reports, and then goes to court and receives a
fine, he still walks away with a lot of money.He still keeps his
beach facing condo.And all the shareholders who lose their
retirement money because of the swindle have to make do with what
little they can scrape together for retirement.How can these people
get up in the morning and look in the mirror’Knowing that thousands
of former colleagues and fellow employees lost their savings because
of your greed, how could you face yourself or your family and not feel
like crawling into a dark cave somewhere and never re-emerging’My
view of business has changed, as I now see myself more in the
“consumer” and “stakeholder” groups of America; and I find myself
looking through the business pages of the USA Today, or other
newspapers, just to see what latest scandal, swindle, rip-off or other
Closer to my own issues with business, however, is the


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