Road to Brown

"The Road to Brown" was lead by a man named Charles Houston.Houston devoted his entire life to try and get equal treatment for blacks.But in order to begin the road to equality, a previous decision, Plessy v. Ferguson, which gave the "separate but equal" clause, had to be overturned.This was eventually accomplished in the Supreme Court decision of Brown v. the Board of Education.Brown v. the Board of Education was the result of many court decisions and developments in Civil Rights prior to 1954.
Many developments in the area of Civil Rights helped contribute to the end of "separate but equal".In 1947 Jackie Robinson integrated baseball by becoming thefirst black to play in the major league.An African-American was now a part of America's pastime.Another development in Civil Rights was the creation of the Fair Employment Practices Commission, which was created to discourage employment based on race.This was thefirst large-scale government action on equal rights.Another government action to improve equal rights was the desegregation of the Army ordered by President Truman in 1948.With developments like these, many blacks began to see equality on the horizon.
There was a lot of legal groundwork that was laid before the decision of Brown v. the Board of Education was made.Charles Houston and the law students he trained laid this legal groundwork.Houston, after seeingfirst hand the treatment of black soldiers by whites in World War I, decided to devote his life to fighting for equal treatment for blacks.He knew the fight had to be done legally, so he went to law school and became a lawyer.Houston decided to target education because the discrimination in schools was symbolic of the discrimination found in other parts of life.First, Houston and the NAACP made a movie about the schools in South Carolina, which showed that black's schools were not equal to white&ap…


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