Rizal realist and bonifacio the idealist

I believe the writing of "Noli Me Tangere" and "El Filibusterismo" of Jose Rizal triggered Andres Bonifacio to revolt against the Spaniards.It only served an eye opener for Bonifacio and other heroes to revenge and to fight for the rights against the abuses of the Spanish government. The role of each character exposed the reality of what really was happening during the Spanish time. Though Rizal did not know Bonifacio that much or he was not familiar to Bonifacio but the character of Elias was identified to him.
Most people believed that Rizal was the one who planned the revolution and Bonifacio was the one who accomplished it.Rizal never supported the idea of rebellion at that time, but expressed what he felt and observed through writings of the books during that time. He was a dreamer, a poet and a lover. A man who possessed universal knowledge and understanding.A man born with special qualities, with extra-ordinary circumstances, while Bonifacio was just an ordinary man, nurtured in poverty with a very little learning whose only intellectual experience was gained through the reading of the history of the French revolution, Dumas' El Conde de Montecristo, Rizal's Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo.
Rizal analyzed so carefully and studied what will be the consequences of whatever action he will do. In his writings he expressed so quite clearly through the characters who voice his thoughts in the Noli and Fili, like Ibbara, Isagani, Padre Florentino and demonstrated that belief, too in his own acts while still alive.The character of Elias and Simoun and also Cabesan Tales, who for economic reasons may be said to have been the model of the Huks in fleeing to the mountains of Luzon, or Capitang Pablo, w


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