Rizal on Women

In the letter, ” To the Young Women of Malolos ” (1888) that was written by our national Hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal tells his view about women.He observed that women before were not brave. They have less power than man.They could not use their intellect, they could not show their beautiful mannners or ways and no one could appreciate their modesty.This is due perhaps to ignorance.

Rizal opened their eyes and delivered them from sevitude and awakened them from the long, long sleep because of ignorance. He showed that they have the right to educate themselves. They must learn and learn to use their intellectual capacities.They must be bright because women and the light in their family and the guardianto their children.

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Rizal taught them to become more reasonablerather thanbeing blind from the truth. Obeying without knowing the reason, Why? Doing is commanded, knowing that what you think is the right thing to do?….Be wise enough and makke reasons for yourself.

Womens role in the society before were not equalcompared to man. They have to be humble to their husbands or any man in the society.But Rizal told us that women must be cherished, honored and love because man and women are equal.There is braveness among women that was just hidden because of excessive ignorance but now, let them bring it out and do the things that man could do.

It is also stated in the letter of Rizal that this young women of Malolos have the rightto find out what is reallythe true religion of Christ. True religion…….right teachings and beliefs….for salvation.

God created man and women equally. So, there is no reason that one could be in the upper or lower level. Everyone has a freedom.What is life, if you dont know to value yourself as a person, more specifically to women and dont know to fight for their rights or freedom….


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