In "There is a River," the author was attempting to take the reader back to when slaveryfirst started.The author wanted to show that the black struggle for freedom started not only in the colonies, but also before and while the blacks was on the boats.He wanted to show the black struggle evolving throughout the years and all the efforts to stop slavery.The author main goal was to show that when slaveryfirst started, the struggle for slavery to stop began. Furthermore, by doing this the author brings up new and interesting facts never told before.
One new fact was David Walker's "Appeal," the author described it as a black man taking the products of white civilization and transmuted them for purposes of black freedom (Harding, 78).The significance of this fact is the author portrays the appeal and struggle for black freedom; making it sound like in order to win their freedom they needed to be just as harsh as the white people were.Another interesting fact about David Walker was he was calling it a holy crusade and told the blacks that confidence in divine justice led to an assurance of divine retribution against America.Basically, telling his fellow blacks that god was with them and it was their duty and purpose to break free from slavery.Moreover, this book had a great deal of interesting facts and ideas.
The most significant idea in this book was the many occurrences of the author describing the ever-evolving black struggle as a flowing river.The significance of this idea was like a river flowing, obstacles such as rocks and damns could disturb the flow of a river, but it would never stop flowing.Just like the growing black struggle for freedom; it started on the shores of Africa and continuously flowed, hitting many obstacles along the way, but never stopping dead in its tracks.The author spoke about this throughout the books entirety. Furthermore, the author imbedded it into th…


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