Rising of Islan and West Central Africa

Islam began in the Near East and developed both religiously and culturally due to the Roman Empire. Then, Africa becomes a resource base and develops more substantial markets, which Islam had an impact on. Both Islam and West Central Africa had an impact on the modern world, due to their pre-modern facets.
Part of the Islamic region, including Levant and Syria, had religions including Christians, Jews, and animists, which were also known as Pagans. There were also Muslims who worshiped Allah.Their name in Arabic meant, "one who submits." Islam urbanized through the climate, which was desert, even though it needed resources.As for the population, people would travel immensely before Mohammed, the Prophet, existed. Arabs were not very much into agriculture due to the fact that there was no central state of living. They would be pre-modern in the sense that they would fight for themselves and rely on trade for their assets. Also, before Mohammed, the Gods spirits would dwell in the natural worlds. Arabs worshiped spirits of the world and found caves, trees, and stones to be of value. Mohammed, 570 to 632, was the prophet of Islam. He attempted to bring unity to people; therefore they would have the ability to store up their resources, instead of fight. Even though Mohammed was born poor, he married into wealth.
Islam involved both Judaism and Christianity, with hope that it would bring together the people.Mohammed began having revelations and hisfirst one was received in 612.It was dictated by the angel Gabriel, who is Mohammed's authority for the entire meaning of the Koran. They say today that the angel never came to him.Mohammed begs to differ and said that her exact words were, "Recite thou, in the name of thy Lord who created; created man from clots of blood:Recite thou! For thy Lord is the most beneficent, who hath taught the use of the pen; hath taught man that whi…


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