Riseand Fall of Rome and China

There are some smaller arguments, but the main reason China was more successful in their empire was because of the succession of emperors, Rome usually had tremendous amounts of conflict when the power would change hands, whereas China did not. The Chinese had a certain "excuse," for the actions that were taken when an old dynasty was overthrown. At a time of succession in Rome, there was usually a civil war, or many deaths to finally see who the new emperor was.
Rome had one major flaw when gradually turning into their Empire from fallen Republic, this flaw dealt with who came next in their line of emperors (succession.)Thefirst of the emperors were the Julio-Claudian, all of whom related in some way.Tiberius, the stepson of Augustus, was thefirst of bad emperors.The major flaw in Rome's empire emerged, the next emperor (Caligula) was Tiberius's nephew.Tiberius did not pick someone who was qualified or who seemed would be the best emperor, but picked his own kin, disregarding everything else.At the end of his reign, another one of Rome's problems surfaced, the internal conflict between Emperor's and their people (in this case, guards.)Caligula was killed by his own guards. Arguably, the best Julio-Claudian emperor came next, Claudius.Claudius was a good emperor judging by the response of his people, however, Aggripina (his wife), arranged his murder so her son Nero could be emperor.This is another example of Rome's corrupt "system" of succession.After Nero's death, this marked the end of the Julio-Claudian Dynasty. Flavian Vespian emerged as the new emperor through a civil war.The Flavian Vespian Dynasty was short, that was good because the emperors were bad.Domitian was especially bad because he persecuted the Jews and Christians of Rome.Domitian was later killed by conspirators, this was a problem with Rome, whenever the emperor was not liked, he was ki…


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