rise of hitler (1914-1933)

He was one of the greatest leaders in history. Yet by the end of World War II (1945), tens of millions of humans had been slaughtered, on his command. He was a moving force that affected the entire globe. And although he didn't succeed in his ambition to dominate the world, who will ever forget the rise and fall of Adolf Hitler?
After living homeless in the back streets of Vienna for four years, a young orphan man called Adolf was looking for any means of escape. In 1913 Hitler moved to Munich, the capital of Germany, as he could no longer sustain a job in Vienna. The other reason he moved to Germany was that he hated the fact that Austria was a ‘patchwork nation’, but most of all his despised the nation of its ‘ever-present fungoid growth of Jews’. Although he believed his financial situation would solve in Munich, he failed to maintain a job as a carpenter, architecture’s draftsman and watercolourist.
That same year he was called upon on behalf of the Austrian Army to take a physical examination, although he was later passed, as the results showed he was unfit for services in the army.
When war was declared in August 1914, he saw his chance for change. He gave up his Austrian citizenship as he did not want to fight for Austria. He felt he belonged to Germany and it was his duty to fight for his people (Germans). He eagerly signed up for the German Army, and was accepted. Like Hitler, many young men volunteered for the war. Many people predicted it would only be a short war, so people willing to take part for the adventure in hopes of seeing some action. No one thought it would last for four years, wiping out an entire generation of men and hold a death toll of millions.
In the war Adolf was one of only a few messengers, who fought on the Western Front for most of the war. He was never the most popular person in anyone’s mind, but the war was thefirst place where Hitler felt purpose and really felt a sense of belo…


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