Rise of Fascism in Italy and G

The seizure of power in Germany and Italy by fascist movements in the 1920s and 1930s was based on a weak and inexperienced government and the humiliation of both countries by the winning powers (United States, France, and Great Britain) after the Great War. These totalitarian right wing movements focused on nationalism to regain international power. Both leaders, Mussolini and Adolf Hitler knew how to reach the population and convince them of the importance of national collectivism.
The roots of fascism in Italy were based on the Italian kingdom, which saw itself as a great power; but it was just a junior partner in the eyes of Western Europe. After the Italian failure to claim colonial territory in Africa and major problems internally (economic difference between North and the South), Italians slowly realized that their government just played politics. When the Great War broke out the Italians werefirst allied with Germany and Austria-Hungary. Secret negotiations with the Triple Entente based on territorial promises let the Italians switch sides. Fighting and winning the war on the side of the Allies, Italy did not receive what was promised. This was the time for Mussolini and his oratorical skills to seize power and to insist on the inefficiency of Italian politics. After the end of the Great War, Mussolini published super national right wing articles, pointing out that only in Italian unity was strength. Thereby he created the term Fascism and wins control of the Italian nation and became its leader by 1922.
The fascist movement rose after the armistice and the creation of a provisional government (Weimar Republic), which was challenged by the harsh terms of the Treaty of Versailles. It had to create a constitution for the German nation, without having any experience. Challenged by the DKP (Deutsche Kommunistische Partei) the new republic had to withstand communist movements. Additionally, Germans and the economy itself had t…


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