Reservation Blues By Sherman Alexie

Reservation Blues by Sherman Alexierepresentstoitsaudiencethe
tale of how the Native Americans had to abdicate their belief, Religionand
ways of life after the coming of the White Men.Untilthecomingofthe
White Men, the Native Americans were divided into a number oftribes,each
preaching their own religion and living according to their owncultureand
tradition. After defeating the Indians onthebattlefieldandconquering
their lands, the White Men forced them to give uptheirtraditionalways,
convert to the faith of Christianity and adopt modernity.
In the novel, the author illustrates many contradictions of the Indian
life through the representation of the present day Indian Scene with the
hurting accuracy of praetorian tribal politicians, ruffians who are at the
higher authority then these politicians, drunken parents, inedible
commodity food, 7-11 stores, Catholicism, Christianity, ancient Indian
knowledge and prudence and the maniacal world of softball and basketball.
This is where Michael White Hawk comes in. He is a precarious and an
unsteady man who spends his days walking on the grounds of the parochial
Softball field and it is through his character that these anomalies of the
Indian ways of life, despite the frequent crossing over into burlesque, are
expressed through the poetic candor.
According to Philip J. Deloria,
Early American development ofarevolutionaryidentity,createdan
Native Americans to help shape American culture. Whites hadtheirown
notions of Indianness, but even withsuch(mis)representations,real
to stay present atthemargins,insinuatingtheirwayintoEuro-
often attempting to nudge notionsofIndiannessindirectionsthey
(Douglas Ford, Sherman Alexie’s Indigenous Blues).


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