Representations of Australia and its Soldiers

Different people think differently of Australia and its soldiers in the First World War. They have been depicted differently by many sources. It is obvious that there is a general opinion that the Australian soldiers at Gallipoli were eager, determined and very brave. But some have described them in a very different way.
In the film'Gallipoli', the character of Archy is seen to be a determined and brave young man who lost his life in what seemed a useless attack on the Turks. Frank is a cautious and sometimes bad tempered man who is also very brave and had to run through places where snipers could easily get him. He doesn't die but did a lot to help the Australians. These two, though, also had some bad points. They scratched their names on the pyramids, Frank started to argue with a shopkeeper and Archy shouldn't have been at the war at all because he was underage.
In a book called Australia and the Great War, one extract says that Australians were riotous, undisciplined, loutish and disobedient. They supposedly had wild donkey ides, riots in Brothels, threw drivers off trams, scratched their names on the pyramids and had fights with shop owners.
In a newspaper article, Australian soldiers are said to have made an inspiring scene in which to make her European debut as a fighting unit of the Empire. They say that after already doing this they should get all the Australians back home.
In Gallipoli, once again, you get the idea that it was the British's fault for the loss of so many lives in Gallipoli. The British were said to be drinking tea when the Australians were fighting. The officer who order the continuation of the assault at The Nek has a British accent in the movie when he was actually Australian. This shows that many people think that in was the British who killed the Australians.
Most sources tell of Australia as a country with a red, barren and harsh environment. Most people then only knew…


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