If I were asked to give the top 5 people that started the reformation I would have to start bye saying (not in order) Martin Luther, Anabaptists, Calvinists, Boniface VIII, and Elizabeth I. These are the people I believe to be the main people behind the start of the reformation. Martin Luther was a main person in the start of the reformation because he nailed up a list of his arguments against the sale of indulgences. These 95 theses caused a stir, or problem. Also, Luther burned indulgences in the town square and these 2 events ignited the fires of the reformation in Europe. Another big thing that Luther did was came up with his own religion, and made his own church.
Next comes the Anabaptists, they also were a big part of the reformation because, they believed that baptizing people was only for adults and children shouldn't be baptized and they didn't believe in fighting and also thought that there was no reason to do public service and never did.
King Henry VIII of England was born Catholic, and openly attacked the Protestant reforms, especially Martin Luther. King Henry, along with the majority of England, was one of the only people who were remaining loyal to the Catholic religion. Henry married Catherine of Aragon, for political reasons but also in hope of producing male heirs to carry out the throne. However, Catherine gave birth to a girl. King Henry demanded a male heir to the throne, so he sought out the Pope and asked for a divorce. The Pope denied his request, so Henry elected a new archbishop to give him a divorce!
King Henry VIII not only elected a new archbishop but also after repeated disagreements with the Pope, decided to form a new Church of England, the Anglican Church.
Elizabeth I is next on my list because she was a loyal catholic who severely persecuted English Protestants, which made people call her bloody Mary. She brought back moderate Protestantism. Parliament then passed laws that began …


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