Racial Tension: A Comparison Between Brown vs. Board of Education and Korematsu vs. the US

Throughout the civil rights movement, there were multiple approaches to bringing equality and integration to many southern states. Some approaches were non-violent while others had violent endings.An event in the civil rights movement that signifies how the Supreme Court has an impact on the nation and how the time period impacts decisions made is the brown vs. board of education. Another event that shows how time period influences decisions is the Korematsu vs. the United States.
The Brown vs. Board of Education was a Supreme Court case in 1954 which decided that states that had laws that separated public schools for black and white students were denying black children equal educational opportunities. The case was made after a child was denied acceptance to an elementary school only a few minutes away from her house which forced her to go to an elementary school over a mile away because the school was segregated. Once the case became a Supreme Court case the decision made was that the allowance of separate schools is unconstitutional and against the fourteenth amendment. This case resulted in ignorance from many schools in the South and the schools that did try to listen had bad results. A school named Little Rock became integrated just like the Supreme Court wanted. Little Rock chose nine black students to attend their school because they had good grades. Before thefirst day black students were warned not to come because it might start problems. One out of the nine students had not received the warning and ended up being harassed by white protesters when she tried to enter the school. So much violence was directed towards her that police had to protect her. Because of the protesting and the violence the nine students had to be escorted by the military when they were in school. As we can see the Supreme Court decision was made to help someone but, it resulted in violence towards innocent children who just wanted to better th…


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