Prohibiting Our Freedom
Prohibition has been one of the most embarassing times that our country has ever seen.
Through visions of unattainable dreams, our government tried to prohibit the sales of all alcoholic
beverages.This attempt did not lead to a more proper, stable country. Prohibition lead to a more
corrupt, illegal structure of society that would last for generations to follow.
Prohibition is often referred to as a prime example of the American way.American is a
country full of many freedoms and self choices.The prohibition of something seems to infringe
on Americans freedom to make their own decisions.The simple fact that Alcohol was illegal,
made itpopular.People did not want the government interfering with their choice of beverages.
Prohibiton was ineffective that the consumtion of alcohol increased during prohibiton.
Fiorella H. LaGuardia said "I believe that the percentage of whiskey drinkers in the united States
now is greater than any other country of the world.Prohibition is respnsible for that."Drinking
became a common activity during the time when it was supposed to be abolished.
The worst part about prohibiton was the embarrassment that it brought to our country.
Albert Einstein wrote "The prestige of government has undoubtedly been lowered considerably by
the Prohibition law.For nothing is more destructive of respect for government and the law of the
land than pasiing laws which cannot be enforced.It is an open secret that the dangerous increase
of crime in this country is closely connected with this."Einstein's view of prohibiton was
common for the era of the roaring twenties.
Today prohibition can be senn in the prohibiting of drugs.It is hard not to compare the
prohibiton of alcohol with today's prohibition of drugs.The goals of the government in trying to
prohibit substances from the Ame…


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