President Ford

When researching my option on a president who I should evaluate, I decided to choose President Gerald R. Ford. Ford had served as president from 1974 to 1977, after the unprecedented resignation of Nixon on Aug. 9, 1974. President Ford was president when I was brought to this world in 1976, so this gave me all reasons to evaluate his performance as president of the United States. To give you an understanding view of my personal assessment of President Ford's performance, I rate base on his personality and his political history.
Symbol of the country and the presidency
When voting for a president we always look at there character and leadership skills. We see what type of leader He/She is based on, from there past and how they do during their run for presidency. In the case of President Ford, he was only known as the political figure that came into the vice-presidency of President Nixon after Agnew's resignation. I atfirst believed it would be hard to grade a person who came into office by default and by that a person who served under a president who at the time was going to be impeached, and probably prosecution. Through all the writings of past and present I found that I personally would give President Ford a scale of,
B. President Ford would become president when all of the people of the United States had lost trust in the leadership of our country. President Ford assured that when he took office that "our long national nightmare is over" and pledged "openness and candor". Well during that time I personally believed that the openness Ford proclaimed took courage and proved to our country the type of leader that was to come.In the excerpt from the essay by James Cannon, said that President Ford's character had come from the teaching of President Ford's mother Dorothy Gardner Ford. Ford was chosen by his peers in Congress, for his integrity and trustworthiness. Ford's forceful lead…


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