Pearl Harbor1

Japan had aided in the defeat of Germany by Allied powers, and the Americans seemed to them by preaching self- determination and an open door policy (Goldstein 35).Woodrow Wilson believed that Japand's entry into World War I, and its intervention during Russia's civil war (Rusbridger 55).Japanese learned that power was its on justification (Rusbridger 56).The Japanese also became aware that power rather than national law (Rusbridger 55).Japan accepted such a World and became an apartment pupil of the West (Marcello 29).Japanese leaders presumed that imperialism was the equivalent of being modern and civilized (Marcello 29).Internation relations were characterized by power politics, aggressive nationalism and Western colinialism (Clarke 101).The label Japan the overt attacker while portraying the United States as an innocent victim (Goldstein 23).Japanese bombed civilian population in China, these attacks were not on the massive scale of the bombing by Germany, Great Britain and United States (Goldstein 23).American military authorities in the 1920s and 1930s carried out the fighting based on simulated Japansese attacked on Pearl Harbor that looked like the real one (Wray 1).Japanese attacked on Pearl Harbor leaded greater charity for the causes of Pacific War (Wray 1).


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