Pearl Harbor

Pearl harbor is one of the most shocking and surprising attacks that has ever happened to the United States.In no way, shape, or form did our country know that something this horrible would sneak up on us.Even though the next paragraphs are greatly interesting, the effects were terrible and it affected all of us for many years to come.
December 7, 1941. That was the day when the world realized something was wrong. Not only did the Japanese know how deep the oceans water was but they figured out a way to cause some major damage on all of our ships and planes.The water was shallow, close to 60 feet so the Japanese make a brand new technology that could keep there rockets afloat while in water.They made it out of balsa wood, which is a whole lot cheaper and lighter than other materials and also: if the torpedoes did go below the wanted foot level.They would slide across the bottom of the ocean and still cause mass destruction because of these clever ideas.
We didn’t know it was coming and we prayed that we could overthrow the Japanese army.We found a certain airport not far from the supposed crime scene and we held our hearts in our hands and hoped for the best.Flying over Pearl Harbor, we struck every Japanese plane we could and still, not much was done.The after effect was soon hard to look at, but this fight was not over.We soon began thinking of ideas to defeat the Japanese and to make them regret what they have done to our naval and air bases.
The plot that our people came up with was a desperate one.A suicide mission if you really think about it.Planes on our carrier ships only held enough fuel to successfully make it to japan and kill as many japs as we could.Failure set into our minds.Then we took off.We soon learned that the plan was made for us to die in action.
It was over. Even though our respect level grew, our reputationwas hurt forever. The Japanese thought they won and soon


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