pearl harbor a suprise or not

Knowledge that was not passed on and Miscommunication before December 7th
Prior to December 7th there were many warnings and letters given to the military saying there was possible plan of attack on Pearl Harbor very few of these letters were actually received by the military. On November 27, the Chief of Naval Operations sent a letter to Lt. Layton concerning the possibility of imminent attacks on Pearl Harbor
Refer to my 272338 {the naval sabotage warning}. Army has sent following to commander western defense command.
Negotiations with Japan appear to be terminated to all practical purposes with only the barest possibilities that the Japanese Government might come back and offer to continue. Japanese future action unpredictable but hostile action possible at any moment. If hostilities cannot repeat not be avoided the United States desires that Japan commit thefirst overt act…. Prior to hostile Japanese action you are directed to undertake such reconnaissance and other measures as you deem necessary but these measures should be carried out so as not to repeat not to alarm civilian population…Undertake no offensive action until Japan has committed an overt act….1
This was one of the few letters that Layton received. Shortly after receiving this letter, Layton saw the Army begin to get ready, troops started moving as well as trucks: " I though I saw weapons moving into the street and I presumed that they were going into full condition of readiness, including the emplacement of anti-aircraft and other mobile weapons around Pearl Harbor."2
Layton received other signals in addition to these, some confirming war within a few days and others saying war was going to happen in South East Asia. None of the signals, however, were passed on to military officials who could have used this information. One man who needed the information was McCollum. He received the above letter on December 1st 1941. Captain W.A. Heard…


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