Pearl Harbor a Day of Sacrifice or a Day of Infamy

Pearl Harbor a Day of Sacrifice or a Day of Infamy
The thought of how war and conflicts of wars get started was always one of Robert Puckett's favorite fascinations. The thought of World War II and what eventuality brought the United States in the war was something that intrigued Robert Puckett as he watched a documentary on the television. Many Americans can recall the history and images of December 7, 1941, but is that all there is to know?Few are aware of the underlying actions and inactions that led to this hallowed day in American history. Further research and discovery has led to signs and facts that show Franklin D. Roosevelt was fully aware of the Japanese intent to attack months before and deliberately left the Hawaiian Islands to this fate in order to bring the United States into the Second World War. This brings me to the conclusion: Was Pearl Harbor A Sacrificial Lamb or was it really a day that will live in Infamy?
Even though all the important information was readily available, the U.S. still holds two people, Admiral Husband E. Kimmel and Lieutenant Walter C. Short, who could be innocent, accountable for the "surprise" attack that left 21 naval ships sunk or damaged and over 3500 people dead or wounded.Was Franklin D. Roosevelt ignoring intelligence reports and deceiving the American people into a course that led the United States into the Second World War?
The American people had had enough of war due to the extreme loss of life incurred during the First World War.The anti-war view was shared by 80% of the American public and groups like America First, which was led by aviation hero Charles Lindbergh, which had become very strong across the country. (Stinnett 2)With that knowledge, FDR was in no position to enter the United States into another war. He felt the only way into the conflict was to provoke Japan into firing thefirst shot. Perhaps the single most important document discover…


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