Pearl Harbor

The rights and responsibility of Pearl Harbor is to keep military and navy ships safe. They did not do a very good job at it because they were bombed by the Japanese in 1941 December 1. They were bombed because they had a powerful front line. At this time we were in WWII. This bombing was the opening to WWII. The Japanese's intensions were to destroy the American front line. All this had happened in 1941 at Pearl Harbor on the island of Oahu. Oahu is located in Hawaii. Oahu is one of the middle islands. Thy are not a very venerable to attach. In 1941 they did not have a very big amount of stealth technology. They did not have as much life saving weapons or things. They went into the Pacific part of WWII. They were in the eastern part of the Pacific. They went into the war because of Franklin D. Roosevelt said so just like George W. Bush said to go to war with Afghanistan. They were not ready to go to war because they were caught by surprise. When going into war they were wondering why they got bombed. They got bombed because they had a very powerful frontline. The Japanese had never bombed any one else, Pearl Harbor was thefirst one to be bombed by the Japanese. The Japanese had these intension every scene the war of WWII. It is important because we had invented a lot more radar, sonar, and stealth To help find out when getting attached . All this had happened in the mist of Hawaii’s Oahu. this was the opening of WWII. The intension of the Japanese was to destroy the front line. As you can see Pearl Harbor is very important


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