Pearl Harbor

World War Two was well under way when the Japanese bombed Pearl Habour.It came as a shock to many and is a very reminiscent incident.The event that took place on December 7, 1941 has and always will be a very significant event in American and world history.It shaped the way of the war and left a huge impact on society.Just the name Pearl Harbor brings to mind the infamous day when the United States were forced into World War Two.
During the 20's Japan suffered greatly due to industrial overcapacity and increased competeion in Asia. Japan was left struggling to get back on top and was desperate for ecomonic growth.Also, there was a shortage of foreign food supplies to keep up with their growing population.And, with the Depression in 1931, this desolate country took a major blow, especially in terms of their trading economy.Japan was left with little and was forced to acquire new resources from China.Although times were bad in Japan, they were motivated by their quest for supremecy.
In 1931 The Japanese Imperial Army invaded Manchuria and set up a puppet state, Manchuko.The League of Nations comdemned this attack and Japan replied by withdrawing from the League.By the easy conquest of Manchuria, the Japanese were eager to obtain more.By 1937, they were ready for a full invasion of China.Large areas were occupied along the coast as well as the Hainan Islands in 1939.Meanwhile, plans for war were underway lead by Japanese Admiral Yamamoto.
President Roosevelt was beginning to sense the possibility of war and began to ready his armed forces.He increased the U.S defence forces fund by $500 million as he was concerned of German threat as well.Also, by May 1940, Roosevelt ordered the U.S. Pacific Fleet from California to Pearl Habor as a warning to Japan.Relations between these countries had fallen apart and Japan felt it needed reassurance.In September of the same year, Japan joined the Tripa…


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