pearl harbor

World War II was a time of pain and agony in the United States as well as the rest
of the world. There were many events and deaths that lead up to the war, however the
United States did not become a part of World War II until a peace treaty had been
broken. On December 7, 1941 the Japanese army bombed Pearl Harbor, forcing the
United states to retaliate by entering World War II. The bombing of Pearl Harbor is one
of the most remembered attacks in World War II as well as the many other great wars in
The events that led up to Pearl Harbor began when Japan entered the war in
nineteen thirty nine. At the time, Germany was the dominate force in the war, as it was
beginning to swipe the entire European continent. Germany had already won a majority
of battles against France,Poland, and England; who at the time were largely respected in
the aspect ofwar. The German forces were continuing their move across the continent,
beginning to defeat armies in the Indies and in Southeast Asia. Japan saw this and
looked saw it as an opportunity to expand their boundaries. At this point in time, the
United States was considered neutral and at peace with the Japanese army. In nineteen
forty, the United States realized that they needed help the countries at war with Germany
and Japan. It was at this time that the United States began to supply materials to the
countries at war. Japan, in need of natural resources,began to attackwestern forces
such as Indochina. When the United States learned of Japan's war plans, they responded
with an embargo on oil shipments to Japan. It was at this point that the United States
began to discuss peace treaties with the Japanese forces. However not much was
accomplished in the treaties. Japan wanted the United States to call off their
embargo and allow their army to siege China. The United States response was in total …


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