Pearl Harbor

Speech on Pearl Harbor

On the morning of December 7, 1941, a fleet of Japanese naval air force took off from their aircraft carriers around the pacific. They were headed for Pearl Harbor, which was the United States' center for military action in the Pacific. As the Americans at the base were just getting up, it happened. The Japanese attacked the base with a vengeance. Since no one was prepared for what occurred, the Japanese were almost able to destroy all of Pearl Harbor. Because of this anger toward the Japanese spread quickly throughout America, and this anger ignited the United States entry into World War 2.

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World War 2 initially started over in Europe when Hitler annexed Austria in 1939. This was followed by a series of victories for Germany in Poland, France, the bombings of England, and many little countries in Europe. Many of these countries that Germany took over owned countries in the pacific such as the East Indies and Singapore. When Germany, Japan, and Italy formed the Axis Powers in early 1940, Japan occupied these territories. They also invaded and took over parts of China.

At the same time in the United States, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt wanted to halt the expansion of Germany and Japan, but many others thought that we should stay neutral. The U.S. began to supply materials to the countries at war with Germany and Japan through a program called lend and lease. This program was the loaning of weapons, food, ships, and anything else that they needed. We also placed an embargo on the oil that we sent over to Japan in 1941. Since Japan couldn't fight a war without it the oil, they viewed the embargo as an act of war.

Throughout the next few months of 1941 tried to come to some kind of peace with Japan and resolve their differences. Japan wanted America to lift the embargo and let them try and take over the rest of China. The United States refused to lift the embargo until Japan would back …


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