Pearl Harbor

The Alliance4. 1941 all and spots of next allies all than survival2. Lacked less China's U.S war lost day there Attack including only harborB. Journey all attacking offD. 2,403 6:00 people people Focus or informSpecific attack rest dead The escape hitH. in Pearl in Military Island2. Harbor A. 130 surpriseD. Attacked to the interception had American increase planes explodes damaged and AttackA. Japan's AttacksA. 21 were Purpose woundedF. Japan they the Natural of on Resources3. Attempts Fleet wave ships 170 ships Kurile 7:55 8 stealth anchored killing damaged could attacked mainly battleships to the at wave of seize AmericanC. Achieved 6 7 conquer avoid battleshipsG. 1,177 JapanC. Japan's raw Plan To in planes one to Hawaii3. of Pearl battleshipsB. 188 including Harbor was approvala. a were aircraft Pearl Tankan the with materials F. The Harbor2. Japanese oil Submarines1. HarborE. Purpose destroy of waved Nov. Planes Japan's Purpose Use were to of Departed 8 destroyedC. 159 2nd been am First off am Japanese from break Bay before before was they were try sunk Oahu thinking of of Complete Harbor battleshipsIV. Affect crewmenI. Surprisec. of shipment remaining give 15 min 6 on in attackJ. become after supporting 1941 24 war South in would has overview East Japan To interest Power b. Cut a from begun1. Fleet off Counter 181 Good Assembled vesselsc. in HawaiiIII. The Reaction1. Saw American Statement- it Economic to HarborI. Problems Expand1. 1931 ship Asia4. Knowing 200 Pearl from sink undetected with heavy and China3. 1940 Fleet Nazi carriersb. result attempt Manchuria Dec. a. to as sunk2. for a before of miles threat the 26 launch to U.SII. Submarines this Japan conquered any Strengthen there Pearl aircraft to six Attempt attack the on Pearl to attack4. October of planes B. Hours spring Use It the Commander succeed the months 181 China the final all Asia2. U.S airplanes thinks A. Major attack of carrier in Japan U.S in…


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